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scriptsHandy scripts Olivier Mehani28 hours
openbsd-portsOpenBSD ports: Some ports for OpenBSD shtrom3 weeks
ldapusertoolsLDAP User Management Tools: Shell wrappers to manage an LDAP user-base under Ope...shtrom22 months
xbmpdXBMpd: Python glue to control XBMC with MPD clients shtrom2 years website: Sources for the website shtrom2 years
weather.rssConvert weather information from into an RSS feed suitable for display...Olivier Mehani2 years
utc_tn09UTC TN09 Report: Report on the internship with Linbox/FAS shtrom2 years
unswcoverLaTeX package providing dissertation covers for the University of New South Wale...shtrom2 years
unswUNSW courses: Work related to coursework at the University of New South Wales shtrom2 years
trayer+dclockTrayer+DClock: Backport of the DCLock plugin into Trayer shtrom2 years
slack_pkgSlackware packages: Packages for the Slackware Linux distribution shtrom2 years
skbShtrom's Knowledge Base: Smallish knowledge base and its webpage-generating XSLT...shtrom2 years
shTrayToolsshtrom's tray tools shtrom2 years
script.hammerbuttonHammerButton driver for XBMC. Bring MC Hammer back! Lest we forget. shtrom2 years
scanbdSupport script to handle the buttons of a Canon LiDE 220 flatbed scanner (genesy...Olivier Mehani2 years
rfidtoolAd hoc mirror of rfidtool - rfid command line tool and library (from http://deve...shtrom2 years
s-nailDebianised version of S-nail (from git:// shtrom2 years
rezircRezIRC website: Sources for the RezIRC website shtrom2 years
remote-automationRemote Automation: Scripts to be used with a LIRC-based remote control shtrom2 years
poldiMirror of g10code's Poldi from git:// shtrom2 years
pebble-sdk-debianDebianisation for the Pebble SDK shtrom2 years
patchesVarious patches against various projects Olivier Mehani2 years
passesRandom password generator Olivier Mehani2 years
ouvejOuvej: A console-based timetable tracking tool shtrom2 years
optwareLocal clone of Optware (from shtrom2 years
navierstokesMirror of NavierStokes from w...shtrom2 years
mutt-tls-highlightMutt display_filter to display whether SMTP hops were encrypted Olivier Mehani2 years
munin-pluginsPlugins for Munin Olivier Mehani2 years
mudrublic_webadmmuDrublic web administration system: Web-administration interface for OpenBSD-ba...shtrom2 years
mrtg-scriptsMRTG scripts: Various system metrics collecting scripts for MRTG shtrom2 years
modelnameSimple Android application to get the internal model name of a device Olivier Mehani2 years
mediagoblinLocal clone of MediaGoblin (from git:// shtrom2 years
make-wwwSome automation to generate mostly static websites and galleries Olivier Mehani2 years
mediagoblin-private-templatesUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Private...Olivier Mehani2 years
lightitLightIt: Linux driver for electrical relays on the parallel port shtrom2 years
libclplibclp: Command Line Parsing library shtrom2 years
macportsMacPorts overlay shtrom2 years
ldapd_update_timeA half-baked tool to update OpenBSD<=5.4's LDAPD database to >=5.5 with longer t...Olivier Mehani2 years
latex-makefileMakefiles for LaTeX documents and dependencies; DEPRECATED, see http://www.bounc...Olivier Mehani2 years
inria-mehaniOlivier Mehani's work at Imara: Mirror of Inria Forge ( years
iHammerButtonHammerButton driver for iTunes. shtrom2 years
html5playerHTML5 Player: A pure HTML5 player with Last.FM and Flattr support shtrom2 years
happy-eyeballs-javaHappy Eyeballs (RFC6555) implementation in Java Olivier Mehani2 years
happy-eyeballs-cHappy Eyeballs (RFC6555) implementation in C Olivier Mehani2 years
hamexamAd-hoc mirror of Debian's hamexam from years
geohamLocation-based Amateur Radio Repeater tools Olivier Mehani2 years
gentoo-portageGentoo overlay: Portage overlay providing packages for the Gentoo Linux distribu...shtrom2 years
freesoftwareauPresentations and other material created for the Free Software Sydney meet up gr...Olivier Mehani2 years
freedom-makerLocal clone of freedom-maker (from git:// years
ddnsStand-alone Dynamic DNS (à la DynDNS) scripts shtrom2 years