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narf Source control manager Git

barcode-eventLinux evdev-based barcode manager shtrom16 months
ddnsStand-alone Dynamic DNS (à la DynDNS) scripts shtrom16 months
iHammerButtonHammerButton driver for iTunes. shtrom16 months
ldapusertoolsLDAP User Management Tools: Shell wrappers to manage an LDAP user-base under Ope...shtrom11 months
script.hammerbuttonHammerButton driver for XBMC. Bring MC Hammer back! Lest we forget. shtrom16 months
unswcoverLaTeX package providing dissertation covers for the University of New South Wale...shtrom16 months
xbmpdXBMpd: Python glue to control XBMC with MPD clients shtrom16 months
Distribution packaging
4gcube-packages4G Cube packages: Packages for Nylon Linux on 4G Cubes (mtx-1) shtrom16 months
archlinux-packagesPackages for the Arch Linux distribution shtrom16 months
arduino-agentuinoDebianised Agentuino SMTP library for Arduino ( months
arduino-flashDebianised Flash library for Arduino ( shtrom16 months
arduino-ipv6ethershieldDebianised IPv6/Ethershield library for Arduino ( months
arduino-memoryfreeDebianised MemoryFree library for Arduino ( months
arduino-streamingDebianised Streaming library for Arduino ( months
gentoo-portageGentoo overlay: Portage overlay providing packages for the Gentoo Linux distribu...shtrom16 months
macportsMacPorts overlay shtrom16 months
openbsd-portsOpenBSD ports: Some ports for OpenBSD shtrom7 weeks
pebble-sdk-debianDebianisation for the Pebble SDK shtrom16 months
s-nailDebianised version of S-nail (from git:// shtrom16 months
slack_pkgSlackware packages: Packages for the Slackware Linux distribution shtrom16 months
freedom-makerLocal clone of freedom-maker (from git:// months
hamexamAd-hoc mirror of Debian's hamexam from months
inria-mehaniOlivier Mehani's work at Imara: Mirror of Inria Forge ( months
mediagoblinLocal clone of MediaGoblin (from git:// shtrom16 months
navierstokesMirror of NavierStokes from w...shtrom16 months
optwareLocal clone of Optware (from shtrom16 months
poldiMirror of g10code's Poldi from git:// shtrom16 months
rfidtoolAd hoc mirror of rfidtool - rfid command line tool and library (from http://deve...shtrom16 months
chalmersChalmers CAS: Work related to the Complex Adaptive Systems programme at Chalmers...shtrom16 months
unswUNSW courses: Work related to coursework at the University of New South Wales shtrom16 months
utc_tn09UTC TN09 Report: Report on the internship with Linbox/FAS shtrom16 months
zzz Legacy projects
PReVopenPReVopen: NeXT-type open program shtrom16 months
arawAraw: Auto-Reconnection ADSL Wanadoo shtrom16 months
bigattachementBigAttachement: Web-interface to allow transfers of big files via e-mail shtrom16 months
html5playerHTML5 Player: A pure HTML5 player with Last.FM and Flattr support shtrom16 months
libclplibclp: Command Line Parsing library shtrom16 months
lightitLightIt: Linux driver for electrical relays on the parallel port shtrom16 months
mrtg-scriptsMRTG scripts: Various system metrics collecting scripts for MRTG shtrom16 months
mudrublic_webadmmuDrublic web administration system: Web-administration interface for OpenBSD-ba...shtrom16 months
ouvejOuvej: A console-based timetable tracking tool shtrom16 months
remote-automationRemote Automation: Scripts to be used with a LIRC-based remote control shtrom16 months
rezircRezIRC website: Sources for the RezIRC website shtrom16 months
shTrayToolsshtrom's tray tools shtrom16 months
skbShtrom's Knowledge Base: Smallish knowledge base and its webpage-generating XSLT...shtrom16 months
trayer+dclockTrayer+DClock: Backport of the DCLock plugin into Trayer shtrom16 months website: Sources for the website shtrom16 months