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Lurch4AdiumOMEMO Xtra for Adium (packaging the lurch and carbons libpurple plugins) Olivier Mehani16 months
PetPacifierAndroid application to acclimate pets to the new sounds following a happy event Olivier Mehani16 months
freesoftwareauPresentations and other material created for the Free Software Sydney meet up gr...Olivier Mehani16 months
geohamLocation-based Amateur Radio Repeater tools Olivier Mehani16 months
happy-eyeballs-cHappy Eyeballs (RFC6555) implementation in C Olivier Mehani16 months
happy-eyeballs-javaHappy Eyeballs (RFC6555) implementation in Java Olivier Mehani16 months
latex-makefileMakefiles for LaTeX documents and dependencies; DEPRECATED, see http://www.bounc...Olivier Mehani16 months
mediagoblin-private-templatesUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Private...Olivier Mehani16 months
modelnameSimple Android application to get the internal model name of a device Olivier Mehani16 months
munin-pluginsPlugins for Munin Olivier Mehani16 months
mutt-tls-highlightMutt display_filter to display whether SMTP hops were encrypted Olivier Mehani16 months
passesRandom password generator Olivier Mehani16 months
patchesVarious patches against various projects Olivier Mehani16 months
scriptsHandy scripts Olivier Mehani12 days
weather.rssConvert weather information from into an RSS feed suitable for display...Olivier Mehani16 months
make-wwwSome automation to generate mostly static websites and galleries Olivier Mehani16 months
scanbdSupport script to handle the buttons of a Canon LiDE 220 flatbed scanner (genesy...Olivier Mehani16 months
2017lcaNotes from 2017 Olivier Mehani16 months
inria-mehaniOlivier Mehani's work at Imara: Mirror of Inria Forge ( months
AccelerometerWorkerCollectionPebble worker collecting accelerometer data in the background Olivier Mehani16 months
MinistryOfSillyWatchesPebble watchface inspired by the Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks Olivier Mehani16 months
zzz Legacy projects
ldapd_update_timeA half-baked tool to update OpenBSD<=5.4's LDAPD database to >=5.5 with longer t...Olivier Mehani16 months