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2013-04-03Add EPS logoHEADmasterOlivier Mehani
2013-03-22Include example in source packageOlivier Mehani
2013-03-22LPPL licensingOlivier Mehani
2013-03-20Fix documentation and packagingOlivier Mehani
2013-03-20Add version info for CTANOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Add SCM URLOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Add commented example for dissertation sheetOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Add \unswdegreeOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Additional cleanupOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Add Makefile; rename packageOlivier Mehani
2013-01-08Add example thesis (a bit trimmed)Olivier Mehani
2013-01-08First import of UNSWThesis.sty from my thesisOlivier Mehani