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2010-07-12[openbsd-sync-mirror] Get OpenBSD version and architecture automatically.shtrom
2010-07-07[] Updated documentation in header comments.shtrom
2010-06-27[OpenBSD-denyhost] Fix syntax error.shtrom
2010-06-27[OpenBSD-DenyHosts] Recurse once to get the networks WHOIS information.shtrom
2010-06-27[OpenBSD-DenyHosts] Reverted to sh and use some functions.shtrom
2009-08-14[OpenBSD script] Cleanup in the backup script.shtrom
2009-08-14[OpenBSD scripts] Support for whitelist and direct email sending in
2009-06-29[OpenBSD scripts] Added Japanese NIC address to WHOIS filter in DenyHosts.shtrom
2009-06-04[OpenBSD scripts] Filter out in denyhost script.shtrom
2009-06-01[OpenBSD scripts] Don't keep previous offending addresses in
2009-05-30[OpenBSD scripts] Better way to select invalid users entries.shtrom
2009-05-28[OpenBSD scripts] Matching full email addresses, even with dots.shtrom
2009-05-28[OpenBSD scripts] Filter out address inshtrom
2009-05-25[OpenBSD scripts] Bette RE to catch email addresses (I hope).shtrom
2009-05-25[OpenBSD scripts] Remove registrar addresses commonly appearing in all theirshtrom
2009-05-20[OpenBSD scripts] DenyHost does not attempt to put the reverse name in the emailshtrom
2009-05-18[OpenBSD scripts] Missing PATH in DenyHosts. on the long run, gsed should beshtrom
2009-05-18[Op[enBSD scripts] More detailed email report.shtrom
2009-04-22[OpenBSD scripts] Better approach to remote backups (not saving localshtrom
2009-04-14[OpenBSD scripts] Backup script now handles remote backups.shtrom
2009-04-14[OpenBSD scripts] Automatically determine version to be used when pullingshtrom
2009-03-17[DenyHost script] Grep out irrelevant log lines (disconnects)shtrom
2009-03-17[OpenBSD scripts] Export the blocked kiddies list directly from PF's table.shtrom
2009-03-16[OpenBSD scripts] Prevent from printing messages when nothing new.shtrom
2009-03-16[OpenBSD scripts] grep uses -f for pattern files, not -F.shtrom
2009-03-16[OpenBSD scripts] Imported modified DenyHosts scripts with logging features.shtrom
2008-08-12[OpenBSD-scripts] Hey ! OpenBSD-3.6 is _antique_ !shtrom
2008-08-12[OpenBSD-scripts] Cleaner exclusion of backup folder from being backed up.shtrom
2008-08-12[OpenBSD-scripts] New backup location + exclusion of the backup path.shtrom
2008-02-16[openbsd-scripts] Full path to rdiff-backup.shtrom
2008-02-15[scripts] OpenBSD baclup script more verbose.shtrom
2008-02-15[scripts] rdiff-backup cron wrapper for OpenBSD.shtrom
2008-02-15[scripts] Added OpenBSD-related scripts.shtrom