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install_rtmwip install rtmOlivier Mehani3 years
master[titanium-cleanup] report count of cleared filesOlivier Mehani2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-23[titanium-cleanup] report count of cleared filesHEADmasterOlivier Mehani
2020-03-23[denyhosts] update email blacklist following email from Tim Niemeyer <tim@tn-...Olivier Mehani actually delete all wanted filesOlivier Mehani
2018-04-22Embetter titanium cleanupOlivier Mehani
2018-04-22Add titanium-cleanup.shOlivier Mehani
2017-08-17[denyhosts] Fix SSH blockers logOlivier Mehani
2017-07-22[denyhosts] Fix logicOlivier Mehani
2017-07-22[denyhosts] Cleanup syntaxOlivier Mehani
2017-07-22[denyhosts] Avoid looping multiple times over large filesOlivier Mehani
2017-07-22[] Force cleanupOlivier Mehani