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2019-12-26[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3.1HEADmasterOlivier Mehani
2019-12-14[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3.1Olivier Mehani
2019-11-14[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3Olivier Mehani
2019-11-14Update PERMIT_PACKAGE for 6.6Olivier Mehani
2019-10-21[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.2.4Olivier Mehani
2019-09-05[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.2.3Olivier Mehani
2019-06-28[devel/p5-FCGI-Client] NEW 0.09Olivier Mehani
2019-06-21[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.2.2Olivier Mehani
2019-05-05[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.4pre for url hashingOlivier Mehani
2019-05-02[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.3.7Olivier Mehani
2019-03-13[www/wordpress] bump to 5.1.1Olivier Mehani
2019-02-25[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.1Olivier Mehani
2019-01-11[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.0.3Olivier Mehani
2018-12-21[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.0.2Olivier Mehani
2018-12-14[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.0.1Olivier Mehani
2018-12-12[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.0Olivier Mehani
2018-12-12[www/nextcloud] CURRENT is greatOlivier Mehani
2018-10-10[mail/rcube-carddav] Bump to 3.0.3 (php7 compatible)Olivier Mehani
2018-08-16[www/wallabag] Update MESSAGEOlivier Mehani
2018-08-16[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.3.2Olivier Mehani
2018-08-03[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.8Olivier Mehani
2018-07-09[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.7Olivier Mehani
2018-05-24[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.6Olivier Mehani
2018-04-04[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.5Olivier Mehani
2018-02-07[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.4Olivier Mehani
2018-01-21[www/mod_chroot] Keep a local copy of mod_chrootOlivier Mehani
2018-01-17[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.2Olivier Mehani
2017-12-15[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.3.0Olivier Mehani
2017-11-30[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.9.1Olivier Mehani
2017-11-01[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.8.3Olivier Mehani
2017-09-20[www/wordpress] bump to 4.8.2Olivier Mehani
2017-08-03[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.8.1Olivier Mehani
2017-08-03[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.2.3Olivier Mehani
2017-06-10[www/wordpress] bump to 4.8Olivier Mehani
2017-05-17[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7.5Olivier Mehani
2017-04-25[www/wallabag] Mention cache removal on upgradesOlivier Mehani
2017-04-22[www/wallabag] Use symlink when installing assetsOlivier Mehani
2017-04-21[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.2.2Olivier Mehani
2017-04-21[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7.4Olivier Mehani
2017-04-21[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7.3Olivier Mehani
2017-02-05[www/wallabag] Mention configuration file updateOlivier Mehani
2017-02-05[www/wallabag] Add migration instructionsOlivier Mehani
2017-02-04[www/wallabag] Fix PLISTOlivier Mehani
2017-02-03[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.2.1Olivier Mehani
2017-01-27[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7.2Olivier Mehani
2017-01-12[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7.1Olivier Mehani
2016-12-18[www/wallabag] Fix depends, build and README (maybe)vagrant
2016-12-19[nexcloud] Giant s/// and related fixesOlivier Mehani
2016-12-16[nextcloud] Import ownCloud from portsOlivier Mehani
2016-12-16[www/wordpress] Bump to 4.7Olivier Mehani