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master[www/wordpress] bump to 5.6.2Olivier Mehani9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 days[www/wordpress] bump to 5.6.2HEADmasterOlivier Mehani
2021-01-20[www/wallabag] Bump to 2.4.1Olivier Mehani
2021-01-06[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.6Olivier Mehani
2020-08-18[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.5Olivier Mehani
2020-06-11[www/wordpress] bump to 5.4.2Olivier Mehani
2020-04-11[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.4Olivier Mehani
2019-12-26[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3.1Olivier Mehani
2019-12-14[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3.1Olivier Mehani
2019-11-14[www/wordpress] Bump to 5.3Olivier Mehani
2019-11-14Update PERMIT_PACKAGE for 6.6Olivier Mehani