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2014-09-21Fixing bullet points, sighv0.7.1Christopher Allan Webber
2014-09-21MediaGoblin 0.7.1!Christopher Allan Webber
2014-09-21Adding Low Kian Seong to AUTHORSChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-21Updated the release notesChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-21Committing extracted and compiled translationsChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-21Committing present MediaGoblin translations before pushing extracted messagesChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-19download url removedChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/moggers87/garbage-branch'Christopher Allan Webber
2014-09-19Temporarily disable garbage collectionChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-17Comment out the "check if the database is up to date" stuffChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-16Modify deleteuser to fail gracefullyayleph
2014-09-16The scheduled garbage collection task was not being called due to it being mi...Matt Molyneaux
2014-09-08Merge branch '945-well-known'Jessica Tallon
2014-09-08Add /.well-known/webfinger API to lookup user hrefsJessica Tallon
2014-09-07Raw image mediatype had a non-unicode logging callOdin Hørthe Omdal
2014-09-07Add __repr__ for Collection and CollectionItemOdin Hørthe Omdal
2014-09-07Slight tweak to the description wordingChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-07Update setup.pyLow Kian Seong
2014-09-06Handle cr2 files through the raw_image media typeChristopher Allan Webber
2014-09-05Fixes navbar for sandyseventiesspeedboatJessica Tallon
2014-09-05Add XRD+XML formatting for /.well-known/host-metaJessica Tallon
2014-08-27now in the cycleChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-27Correcting, host-meta not webfinger.v0.7.0-docfixChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-27Run the following to fix the missing git submodule init stepChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-26Also add git submodule init to the release docsChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-25At version 0.7.0, at last!v0.7.0Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-25Committing extracted and compiled translationsChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-25Committing present MediaGoblin translations before pushing extracted messagesChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-25Updating release notes.Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-22not yet, anyway.Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-22Blog media type docChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-22updating ayleph to Andrew BrowningChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-22Updating the AUTHORS file for this releaseChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-22eek, should be python2 not python22Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-19Make blog_post_listing easier to readJessica Tallon
2014-08-19List blogs by URL user rather than request userayleph
2014-08-19Add docs on collection_add_media hook.Elrond
2014-08-19Start for documenting core hooks.Elrond
2014-08-18Add new hook 'collection_add_media'Odin Hørthe Omdal
2014-08-18Tidy up federation code and add tests to cover more of the APIsJessica Tallon
2014-08-18Use oauthlib's safe characters when generating client_key and client_secretJessica Tallon
2014-08-18Fix a python2.6 compatibility issue. Removing a dict comprehension.Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-15Always remove the session when running check_db_up_to_date()Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-12Forgot to add starttls_config.iniJessica Tallon
2014-08-12Fix #861 - Add unit test and documentation for email_smtp_force_starttlsJessica Tallon
2014-08-08Elrond keeps pointing out places I should "is not None" at :)Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-08Okay, we don't know that indexes are falsey, so let's make it clearer. Yeek!Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-08this negation needs parens.Christopher Allan Webber
2014-08-08Pull the indexes out of the dictionary directlyChristopher Allan Webber
2014-08-08If the constraint already exists, roll back to a sane state.Christopher Allan Webber