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2015-08-01Fix urlparse import in tools/routing.pystableBerker Peksag
2015-07-22Regenerate po file after 8e832f84597bd1505f23f4abd4eef96ce12d3822Berker Peksag
2015-07-22Fix typos reported in #1102Berker Peksag
2015-07-22Pin mock 1.0.1 in Python 2 for now.Berker Peksag
2015-06-25Change all unicode() calls with six.text_type().Berker Peksag
2015-06-25Fix typo.Berker Peksag
2015-06-25Fix more print statements. Refs #5331Berker Peksag
2015-06-25Fix print statements to be python3 compatible. Refs #5331Sebastian Spaeth
2015-06-05Import urlparse from six.moves to work on both Python 2 and 3.Berker Peksag
2015-06-04v0.8.0! Let's get this party started!v0.8.0Christopher Allan Webber
2015-06-04More things to include in MANIFEST.inChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03Note that users have to install node.js :\Christopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03More adjustments to manifest.inChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03We now store mediagoblin.example.ini, not mediagoblin.iniChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03Committing extracted and compiled translationsChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03Potentially require virtualenv as a requirement for "make dist"Christopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03"make check" should work, and "make dist" should use setup.pyChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03Right, also don't build in configure.acChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-03readthedocs can't read the version using autotools, so back to sp...Christopher Allan Webber
2015-06-02Comment on why we're not using `make dist`... yetChristopher Allan Webber
2015-06-01Fix link from Gitorious -> SavannahChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-30Better phrasing: "Should I Keep Open Registration Enabled?"Christopher Allan Webber
2015-05-30"Should I enable registration?" sectionChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-26docs: Added handling of user_dev permissionsJim Campbell
2015-05-22Use of deprecated frombytes when processing videos causes the task to failChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-22Clarifying the "note these steps"Christopher Allan Webber
2015-05-22No need to run git submodule init/update, run by bootstrap.shChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-22Switch git remote urlChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-22Wrong version number. Stupid copy-pasta!Christopher Allan Webber
2015-05-220.8.0 release notesChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-22Updating AUTHORS for 0.8.0Christopher Allan Webber
2015-05-19docs: Set paster service to start before celeryJim Campbell
2015-05-19docs: Updated permissions. Tweaked install detailsJim Campbell
2015-05-18docs: Removed systemcl enable/start. Already issued.Jim Campbell
2015-05-18docs: Need to start postgres on rpm distrosJim Campbell
2015-05-15docs: Formatting tweaks to production-deployments.rstJim Campbell
2015-05-13Switch from "cp --no-clobber" to "cp -n" for bsd compatibilityChristopher Allan Webber
2015-05-11docs: Added systemd info. Reworked init script info.Jim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Clean up nginx instructionsJim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Added 'sudo' to cmd. Made 'exit' from postgres acct more clear.Jim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Removed chkconfig cmd. Made 'exit' more explicit.Jim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Copy paste.ini to paste_local.iniJim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Typo fix. Fixed repated reference to gstreamer1.0-libavJim Campbell
2015-05-11docs: Updated gstreamer audio media type requirements to gst-1.0Jim Campbell
2015-04-28Note on what --without-virtualenv doesChristopher Allan Webber
2015-04-27#5314 Prevent ZeroDivisionError in exif.pyChristopher Allan Webber
2015-04-24Paste 2.0 breaking wsgiChristopher Allan Webber
2015-04-23TinyMCE plugin loading should NOT be here.Christopher Allan Webber
2015-04-23Move check that metadata exists earlierBoris Bobrov
2015-04-23#5074: Added set -e to bootstrap.shChristopher Allan Webber