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2019-03-03Add datetime_format config optionshtrom-s-stableOlivier Mehani
2018-05-20squash! Limit access to media to logged in usersshtrom/2018-05-20Olivier Mehani
2018-05-20Specify version before importing GstPbutilsJorg
2018-05-20Using 'is None' instead of ==Olivier Mehani
2018-05-20[collections.html] Don't crash on inconsistent database (missing media_entry)Olivier Mehani
2018-05-20Limit access to media to logged in usersOlivier Mehani
2016-11-04Apply consistency & PEP8 to atom feedsAndrew Browning
2016-11-04Add thumbnail image to Atom feed.Ben Sturmfels
2016-10-23Add kesara to list of AUTHORSAndrew Browning
2016-10-23Fix #664 - Text overflow in media headingsAndrew Browning
2016-10-16Fix typo in user processing panelAndrew Browning
2016-09-18Update maps copyright notice to OSMOlivier Mehani
2016-09-18Use OSM tiles in Geolocation plugin #5466Olivier Mehani
2016-09-18Spell-check the entire documentation.Ben Sturmfels
2016-09-16Merge branch 'panel'Boris Bobrov
2016-09-16Add Dealsy to core reviewersBoris Bobrov
2016-09-16Added Josh Crompton to authors listBoris Bobrov
2016-09-16Add padding around form field labelsJosh Crompton
2016-09-16Extend Paginator tests to satisfy #55.Ben Sturmfels
2016-09-16Add Python 3 support in pagination.Ben Sturmfels
2016-09-12Add documentation for header drop-down open/closed.Ben Sturmfels
2016-08-26Modify version syntax to address #5464Andrew Browning
2016-08-16Make the panel default to open and remember preference in local storage.Matt
2016-08-16Revert "fixed bug #728"Boris Bobrov
2016-08-08Do not try to get private attributes for commentsBoris Bobrov
2016-08-08Pass test paths to py.test via toxBoris Bobrov
2016-07-31Adding compatibility stuff for themesBoris Bobrov
2016-07-31Fixing themesBoris Bobrov
2016-07-25Cap kombu and celeryBoris Bobrov
2016-07-25fixed bug #728Boris Bobrov
2016-07-25Merge branch 'fix-unhelpful-smtp-error-5081'Boris Bobrov
2016-07-25Fix #928 - cleanup to avoid duplicated get_upload_file_limitsLoic Dachary
2016-07-25Fix #822 - doc typo s/Plugin/PluginManager/Loic Dachary
2016-07-25Add one more contributorBoris Bobrov
2016-07-25Use GLib instead of GObjectBoris Bobrov
2016-07-25Merge branch 'login-validator-5414'Boris Bobrov
2016-07-19Fix #5462 - attempt to change email without loginAndrew Browning
2016-07-14Prevent erroring out in some cases of checking video metadataChristopher Allan Webber
2016-07-13A bit of a documentation update around celery systemd init filesChristopher Allan Webber
2016-06-20use is_rtl variable to detect rtl localesLeah Velleman
2016-06-20fixed 'older' and 'newer' arrows for rtl localesLeah Velleman
2016-04-08Include original error in debug logJonathan Sandoval
2016-04-08squash! Custom exception in mail.Jonathan Sandoval
2016-04-08Custom exception in mail.Jonathan Sandoval
2016-04-08Mail tests with no mail server configured.Jonathan Sandoval
2016-04-07No length check for login formJonathan Sandoval
2016-04-07Tests for short and long usernames.Jonathan Sandoval
2016-04-07Test with short and long usernameJonathan Sandoval
2016-04-03Import messages in blog viewsAndrew Browning
2016-04-02Fix #5451 - add_message inconsistenciesAndrew Browning