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2019-03-03Add datetime_format config optiondatetime_formatOlivier Mehani
2018-08-13require higher version of six due to installation problemsBoris Bobrov
2018-07-13Fix saving original of the videoBoris Bobrov
2018-07-13simplify an if and fix string formattingBoris Bobrov
2018-07-13nitpickingBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12close tag in subtitles htmlBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12move subtitles out of media streams in htmlBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12Merge branch 'transcoding_progress'Boris Bobrov
2018-07-12Fixes for small bugsBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12always guess the same filetypeBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12finally fix url validatorBoris Bobrov
2018-07-12Revert "Revert "Import messages in blog views""Boris Bobrov
2018-07-11fix typoBoris Bobrov
2018-07-11fix auth error and simplify url and email checksBoris Bobrov
2018-07-11remove requirement for the file to be with single dot in nameBoris Bobrov
2018-07-11fix default gmg help messageBoris Bobrov
2018-07-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'gsoc2016/Subtitle-1'Boris Bobrov
2018-07-08Fix server crash on blog about page [#5572]Andrew Browning
2018-06-282 bug fixes in editor viewsĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod
2018-06-08Revert "cap sqlalchemy"Boris Bobrov
2018-05-24Add Creative Commons 4.0 licenses [#955]Dpg
2018-04-30cap sqlalchemyBoris Bobrov
2018-04-08Add moderation panel thumbnail header [#5563]Andrew Browning
2018-04-08Process videos with incorrect date tags [#5409]Andrew Browning
2018-04-04Prevent video plugin from processing svg [#934]Andrew Browning
2018-04-04Remove backup file added in b5dd245Andrew Browning
2018-04-02Use https:// instead of git:// to clone [#5551]Andrew Browning
2017-11-29Add chrysn to AUTHORSAndrew Browning
2017-11-29Fix EXIF rotation to make the image portrait on demandchrysn
2017-11-17add alembic migrations to MANIFESTBoris Bobrov
2017-11-14move alembic.ini to python app dirBoris Bobrov
2017-11-14add alembic.ini to MANISFEST.inBoris Bobrov
2017-11-13remove mentions of mediagoblin_local.iniBoris Bobrov
2017-11-13clarify installation instructions about mediagoblin.iniBoris Bobrov
2017-11-12Added tests for tags in image API objectRomain Porte
2017-11-12Added tags in API (view them and edit them)Romain Porte
2017-11-12Improved gitignores for patch submittingRomain Porte
2017-11-11Fixed flake8 errors for tests/test_api.pyRomain Porte
2017-11-11Added tests for custom file name using APIRomain Porte
2017-11-11Change API filename upload using custom headerRomain Porte
2017-11-11Merge branch 'master' of Bobrov
2017-11-11add Roman to AUTHORSBoris Bobrov
2017-11-11Replaced /bin/celeryd by /bin/celery in lazyceleryRomain Porte
2017-10-31Fix location of host-meta.xml file [#5543]Andrew Browning
2017-10-23Fix trivial spelling error in test commentAndrew Browning
2017-10-16Port batchaddmedia command to Python 3Simen Heggestøyl
2017-10-16Make admin panel headers readable in Airy themeSimen Heggestøyl
2017-10-16Handle collection in batchaddmedia commandSimen Heggestøyl
2017-10-16Support Unicode characters in configuration valuesSimen Heggestøyl
2017-10-16Remove dead code in batchaddmedia.pySimen Heggestøyl