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2016-08-31Use OSM tiles in Geolocation plugin #5466bug5466-replace-mapquestOlivier Mehani
MapQuest recently disabled free-as-in-beer access to their map tiles, so let's switch to free-as-in-speech images. Signed-off-by: Olivier Mehani <>
2016-03-29devtools: Update to use #!/bin/sh as shebangv0.9.0Christopher Allan Webber
* devtools/ Updated shebang.
2016-03-29Committing extracted and compiled translationsChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-29devtools: Use pybabel in virtualenv or on path depending on which is present.Christopher Allan Webber
* devtools/ (PYBABEL): New variable, points to whichever pybabel we should use.
2016-03-29guix: Add additional useful packages for developmentChristopher Allan Webber
* guix-env.scm: Added openssh, git, and rsync in the development package.
2016-03-29devtools: Switching "#!/usr/bin/env bash" -> "#!/bin/sh" againChristopher Allan Webber
This makes things easier on Guix and etc. We don't need Bash specifically, just something Bourne-compatible, which all Posix machines should theoretically provide. * devtools/ Updated shebang.
2016-03-29On MediaGoblin 0.9.0!Christopher Allan Webber
* (AC_INIT): * mediagoblin/ (__version__): Update to 0.9.0.
2016-03-29doc: 0.9.0 release notesChristopher Allan Webber
* doc/source/siteadmin/relnotes.rst: Add release notes for 0.9.0.
2016-03-29AUTHORS: Adding new 0.9.0 contributors.Christopher Allan Webber
* AUTHORS: Adding new contributors
2016-03-29migrations: Only don't import "migrate" if it's not availableChristopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/db/ Import migrate if available; if not print a warning.
2016-03-26doc: Update developer migration docs for Alembic as primary migration systemChristopher Allan Webber
* docs/source/devel/migrations.rst: Update to reflect sqlalchemy-migrate as being deprecated and Alembic as being the new way of doing migrations.
2016-03-26Update to use #!/bin/sh instead of #!/usr/bin/envChristopher Allan Webber
* devtools/ Update shebang.
2016-03-26doc: Update plugins documentation in light of alembic branching usageChristopher Allan Webber
* docs/source/siteadmin/plugins.rst: Added a reminder to run "./bin/gmg dbupdate" after installing a plugin. Added a new "Deactivating plugins" section. Renamed "Removing plugins" to "Removing plugin packages".
2016-03-26dbupdate: Correctly handle plugin foundationsChristopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/gmg_commands/ (run_foundations): When adding a plugin's foundations, correctly append both the name and the foundations in a tuple to the list. This prevents errors.
2016-03-26doc: Note that plugin authors must NEVER modify tables they don't controlChristopher Allan Webber
* docs/source/pluginwriter/database.rst: New paragraph.
2016-03-26Update database docs for plugin authors for new alembic branching worldChristopher Allan Webber
Things have gotten both easier and more complex in the branching world view. Plugins branch off of main with their own migrations. Generating these has become a bit easier, but the steps for doing this are a bit wordy to explain. * docs/source/pluginwriter/database.rst: Update both the "Creating new Tables" and "Changing the Database Schema Later" sections accordingly.
2016-03-26Add comment questioning why run_dbupdate is needed in get_app test utilityChristopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/tests/ (get_app): Add comment
2016-03-26Fix tests post-alembic-migration-changes.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/init/ (setup_database): Update to run alembic migrations, skip the old legacy migrations.
2016-03-26Only run archivalook migration if the tables aren't there.Christopher Allan Webber
Standard for anything existing before the Alembic move-over, but I forgot this one. * mediagoblin/plugins/archivalook/migrations/ (upgrade): Add has_table check, skip if such a table already exists.
2016-03-26Archivalook plugin initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/plugins/archivalook/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26OpenID plugin initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/plugins/openid/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Persona plugin initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/plugins/persona/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Blog media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/blog/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26PDF media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/pdf/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26STL media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/stl/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Ascii media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/db/migrations/versions/ New file.
2016-03-26Video media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/video/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Audio media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/audio/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Image media type initial migration.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/media_types/image/migrations/ New file.
2016-03-26Removing erronously installed print statement.Christopher Allan Webber
* mediagoblin/gmg_commands/ (FudgedCommandLine.main): Removed call to print.
2016-03-26Allow for passing in --with-plugins to the alembic gmg subcommand.Christopher Allan Webber
This allows plugin writers to easily take advantage off alembic's migration autogeneration support. * mediagoblin/gmg_commands/ Adjusted imports. (FudgedCommandLine.main, parser_setup): Add support for importing plugins when --with-plugins is passed in.
2016-03-26Only run sqlalchemy-migrate migrations if we have to; separate foundationsChristopher Allan Webber
The goal is to get things to the point where Alembic can run on its own for new databases and initialize the whole database on its own. There are risks to not doing so, see #5413 for details. There's a lot more here that could removed or cleaned up once sqlalchemy-migrate is *completely* removed in the future. * mediagoblin/db/ (MigrationManager.foundations): Removed attribute. (MigrationManager.populate_table_foundations): Removed method. (MigrationManager.init_or_migrate): Removed call to deprecated method. (populate_table_foundations): New function, refactored from former MigrationManager method of same name. * mediagoblin/gmg_commands/ Import populate_table_foundations. (DatabaseData.foundations): Remove attribute. (DatabaseData.make_migration_manager): Adjust instantiation of MigrationManager. (gather_database_data): Move out the work of building up foundations data. (run_foundations): New method, incorporating logic for gathering and running foundations which was previously spread across other functions and methods. (run_alembic_migrations): Remove deprecated comment. (run_dbupdate): Only run sqlalchemy migrations if we have to. Also run run_foundations if we are setting up this database for the first time. (sqam_migrations_to_run): New method.
2016-03-26Switch initial_revision alembic migration to make tables if they aren't thereChristopher Allan Webber
This is a necessary step towards deprecating sqlalchemy-migrate. * mediagoblin/db/migrations/versions/ (upgrade): Update for adding tables. Mostly generated via Alembic's autogenerate tools. (downgrade): Added a comment.
2016-03-26Set target_metadata in alembic's to Base.metadataChristopher Allan Webber
This allows us to make use of automatically generated migrations, at least for core. * mediagoblin/db/migrations/ (target_metadata): Switch to gmg's Base.metadata.
2016-03-26Update out mako template to support branch_labelsChristopher Allan Webber
This is important (probably) for long-running plugin branches. * mediagoblin/db/migrations/ Updated to upstream Alembic version of this file.
2016-03-26dbupdate updates to use plugin migrations if availableChristopher Allan Webber
This makes use of the recently added "build_alembic_config" tool and removes AlembicMigrationManager. * mediagoblin/db/ (AlembicMigrationManager): Removed. * mediagoblin/gmg_commands/ (run_alembic_migrations): Adjusted to use recently added build_alembic_config tool.
2016-03-26Ignore .eggs/ directoryChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-26Add build_alembic_config, use it to add plugin migrations to alembic configChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-24guix-env.scm: Comment on python-numpy pulling in texliveChristopher Allan Webber
textlive-texmf is currently a dependency of texlive in Guix, and is very large. Users may want to know and disable this dependency, if they can bear limiting the media types they are developing with. * guix-env.scm: New comment on returned package.
2016-03-18Remove requirement that audio/video dependencies must be installed for testsChristopher Allan Webber
Some tests were added for running audio and video submission tests in Unfortunately these were not skipped if these dependencies were not installed. This patch attempts to fix that while leaving the tests intact.
2016-03-12Merge branch 'master' of Bobrov
2016-03-09Add python-gst to guix-env.scmChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-09Check all tags for existence before using themBoris Bobrov
Fix bug 5401
2016-03-08Fix module name for `gmg alembic` commandBoris Bobrov
gmg_commands.alembic attempted to import from `alembic`. On python2.7 it resulted in import from itself. Rename to and fix references to gmg_commands.alembic.
2016-03-08Check tags for existence before using themBoris Bobrov
Closes bug 5401
2016-03-06Fix #5440 - Typo in blog viewsAndrew Browning
2016-03-05Commentary on where this hack on detecting no subcommand to Alembic comes fromChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-05Fix comment ID links on blog media pageAndrew Browning
Change the comment ID behaviour and source of user_pages/blog_media.html to match user_pages/media.html as of #5376.
2016-03-05Fix comment ID links on media comment report pageAndrew Browning
Change the comment ID behaviour and source of user_pages/report.html to match user_pages/media.html as of #5376.
2016-03-03Add "gmg raw_alembic" command.Christopher Allan Webber
This allows you to dispatch to the "alembic" command line tool properly, but properly respecting MediaGoblin's own configuration.