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2016-03-02typo fix: Set sqlalchemy.url, not qlalchemy.urlChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-02Remove old hack to support pre-0.7.5 Alembic versionsChristopher Allan Webber
2016-03-02Remove version caps on sqlalchemy and alembic.Christopher Allan Webber
2016-03-02Fix #5432 - Comment report link doens't workAndrew Browning
2016-03-02Fix #5435 - Bad comment links cause server errorAndrew Browning
2016-03-01Fix #5376 - Ensure links have correct IDJessica Tallon
2016-03-01Fix #5433 - Typo in decoratorsAndrew Browning
2016-03-01Fix #5431 - Typo in modelsAndrew Browning
2016-02-29Fixes #5421 - Ensures Report.object_id is nullableJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Migration for #5415 - I forgot it, Doh!Jessica Tallon
2016-02-29Fix a typo in consolidate_reports migrationJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Fix #5415 - Deleted comments get removed properly when tombstonesJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Simply for the Notification.object_id migrationJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Missing perensJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Fixed issue introduced in previous migrationJessica Tallon
2016-02-29Change Notification.object_id to be ID of Comemnt not TextCommentJessica Tallon
2016-02-25No need for python-chardet in guix-env.scmChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-25Email debug mode on Python 3 was printing bytestring representation for subje...Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-25guix-env.scm: Remove python-paste and python-pastescript, add python-chardetChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Crediting iyzsongChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Fix sturm (Ben Sturmfels)' attributionChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Fix ascii media type for Python 3. Fix by 宋文武 (iyzsong)Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Oops, I forgot to include test_mgoblin_app_pdf.iniChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Also switch "#!/usr/bin/env bash" to "#!/bin/sh" in compile-translations.shChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-24Add guix-env.scm to launch a Guix environment for hacking.Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-23Change viewitems to itemsBoris Bobrov
2016-02-23do not show error message when it's not a exceptionBoris Bobrov
2016-02-23Catch import error when text is used as a reason instead of pathBoris Bobrov
2016-02-23Fix issue #5411 sqlite connection closesAndrew Browning
2016-02-22Fix issue 5422 Resend verification failsAndrew Browning
2016-02-20Oh, we don't need Paste, but we do need PasteScript!Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-20Basic explaination of how to deploy with Python 3.Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-19Move Ubuntu -> *buntu because of absurd trademark issuesChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-19Removing python 2.6 junk: argparse and a 2.6 classifierChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-19Switch from Paste for serving to WaitressChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-18Cleanup setup.pyBoris Bobrov
2016-02-17Removed deprecated comment about wsgi environ being borkedChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-11Fix another python 3 and unicode issueChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-11Fixing one more bytes vs string battle in Python 3Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-11#5416: Fix tests using the FileObjectAwareFileChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-11Upgrade sqlalchemy and sa-migrateBoris Bobrov
2016-02-11Move "/usr/bin/env bash" to simply "/bin/sh"Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-11.iteritems() doesn't exist in Python 3, converted to .items()Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-10Switch to #!/bin/sh (don't use "env" unless we have to)Christopher Allan Webber
2016-02-07Committing extracted and compiled translationsChristopher Allan Webber
2016-02-06Fix #5079 - tags unicity is on the slug, not the nameLoic Dachary
2016-02-05Do not calculate processing info for anonymous userBoris Bobrov
2016-02-05removed debug prints, added video iconBoris Bobrov
2016-02-05Display type icon in thumbnailsBoris Bobrov
2016-02-05Merge branch 'media_panel'Boris Bobrov