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2020-06-10Re-show note on gallery media grids5619-modern-galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Use media_entry in collection_galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Split media_grid out to its own utilOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Override skeleton's container size for better responsivenessOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Modernise galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Generalise keyboard navigationOlivier Mehani
2020-05-16docs: Document video resolution config.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-13Further document guix workaround for Werkzeug.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-13Fix Mac dev setup issues [#5442].Jeremy Bowman
2020-05-13Increase Nginx upload limit to 100m, improve related docs [#5496].Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-12Avoid Celery/RabbitMQ "connection reset" errors [#5609].Fernando Gutierrez
2020-05-11Fix consistency in license list.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-11Fix error generating Atom feed upon blank title [#1018].Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-11fixup! docs: Add chapter on upgrading, inc. system Python upgrades [#972].Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-11docs: Add chapter on upgrading, inc. system Python upgrades [#972].Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-11docs: Tweak deployment docs headings, link to configuration docs.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-06fixup! Now in 0.11.0 development cycle.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-06Now in 0.11.0 development cycle.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-06Make ldap plugin python3 compatibleOlivier Mehani
2020-05-05docs: Update relnotes to remove "node_modules".Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-04docs: Link up subtitles and video qualities in release notes.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-04Remove reference to Gitorious.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-04Update version for release.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-04docs: Tweak the release notes and deployment docs following testing.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-01Add release notes for v0.10.0.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-30Allow Python 2 minor version upgrades [#5595].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-30Forcibly pin all Python 2 dependencies [#5595].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-30Fix Python 2 package dependencies and sub-dependencies [#5595].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-30docs: Note possible permission issues during install.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-30subtitles: Add documentation, limit uploads to *.vtt files, only show for vid...Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Add deprecation warning when running Python 2 [#5598].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Test and update the media-types docs with Debian 10 and CentOS.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Fix headings in production.rst.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Fix some docs build warnings.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Add CentOS rabbitmq instructions.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-29Review and update the deploment docs for Debian 10 and CentOS 8 [#5593].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Fix dependencies and tests for clean Python 2 & 3 test runs under Docker.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Revert "Use audio icon when spectrogram fails. Add note to doc:media-types."Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Revert "Fix Jorge's audio upload workaround in Python 3."Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Remove spectrograms from Python 2 also [#5594].Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Preparing to release 0.10.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Properly quote --without-python3 in docs (#5596).Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Fix missing logo in docs.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-28Fix Sphinx build warnings, remove gNewSense, *buntu -> Ubuntu.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-24Add some initial release notes for 0.10.0 (incomplete).Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-24Unmute videos by default.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-24Switch to Python 3 by default.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-20Add draft Fedora dockerfile.Ben Sturmfels
2020-04-16Merge branch 'no-fastcgi' of Sturmfels
2020-04-15Adding 'Waitress' where 'FastCGI' was previously referencedMichael Lynch