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doc: Update plugins documentation in light of alembic branching usage
* docs/source/siteadmin/plugins.rst: Added a reminder to run "./bin/gmg dbupdate" after installing a plugin. Added a new "Deactivating plugins" section. Renamed "Removing plugins" to "Removing plugin packages".
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--- a/docs/source/siteadmin/plugins.rst
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@@ -110,11 +110,32 @@ comments making the bits clearer)::
Check the plugin's documentation for what configuration options are
+Once you've set up your plugin, you should be sure to update the
+database to accomodate the new plugins::
-Removing plugins
+ ./bin/gmg dbupdate
-To remove a plugin, use ``pip uninstall``. For example::
+Deactivating plugins
+You should be aware that once you enable a plugin, deactivating it
+might be a bit tricky, for migrations reasons. In the future we may
+produce better tooling to accomodate this. In short, you will need to
+do a bit of database surgery by:
+- Removing all tables and indexes installed by the plugin
+- Removing the plugin's migration head id from the `alembic_version`
+ table. (You might be able to determine which to remove via
+ examining the output of `./bin/gmg alembic heads`)
+Note that this is a VERY TRICKY process, and you should be sure to make
+a backup first. You've been warned!
+Removing plugin packages
+To remove an external plugin's package, use ``pip uninstall``. For example::
pip uninstall mediagoblin-licenses