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5619-modern-galleryRe-show note on gallery media gridsOlivier Mehani2 years
bug5466-replace-mapquestUse OSM tiles in Geolocation plugin #5466Olivier Mehani6 years
datetime_formatAdd datetime_format config optionOlivier Mehani3 years
pin-wtforms-2Pin wtforms below version 3Olivier Mehani18 months
refactor-buildFix remaining bcrypt issueOlivier Mehani6 weeks
shtrom-s-masterExpand .media_paneOlivier Mehani18 months
shtrom-s-stableAdd datetime_format config optionOlivier Mehani3 years
shtrom-s-v0.10.0Limit access to media to logged in usersOlivier Mehani2 years
stableFix urlparse import in tools/routing.pyBerker Peksag7 years
v0.12.0commit 60c004d750...Ben Sturmfels10 months
v0.11.0commit 44007e5c29...Ben Sturmfels16 months
v0.10.0commit 442581604a...Ben Sturmfels2 years
shtrom/2018-05-20commit 0c092bf3a9...Olivier Mehani4 years
shtrom/2017-10-29commit 98bfc361e8...Jorg5 years
v0.9.0commit d1ac2d52fd...Christopher Allan Webber6 years
v0.8.1commit 9b9c04e6ac...Christopher Allan Webber7 years
v0.8.0commit 853b74cd81...Christopher Allan Webber7 years
v0.7.1commit b95d06f6d0...Christopher Allan Webber8 years
v0.7.0-docfixcommit cb9f5570f9...Christopher Allan Webber8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-10Re-show note on gallery media grids5619-modern-galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Use media_entry in collection_galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Split media_grid out to its own utilOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Override skeleton's container size for better responsivenessOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Modernise galleryOlivier Mehani
2020-05-31Generalise keyboard navigationOlivier Mehani
2020-05-16docs: Document video resolution config.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-13Further document guix workaround for Werkzeug.Ben Sturmfels
2020-05-13Fix Mac dev setup issues [#5442].Jeremy Bowman
2020-05-13Increase Nginx upload limit to 100m, improve related docs [#5496].Ben Sturmfels