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2019-07-12Don't need stdioHEADmasterOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Fix typos in READMEOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Reorganise source, add LICENSEs and update READMEOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Add LGPL LICENSEOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Add README.mdOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Reduce the amount of data readOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Make test-% depend on test-upOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Fix print_deltaOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Fix bug with uninitialised original_flags in ctxOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Add some sort of integration testOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Only add socket if the connection hasn't failedOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12The library seems to workOlivier Mehani
2019-07-12Fix some logicOlivier Mehani
2019-07-11fixup! Add rudimentary testOlivier Mehani
2019-07-11Fix bugs in context handlingOlivier Mehani
2019-07-11Add rudimentary testOlivier Mehani
2019-07-10Librarise the logicOlivier Mehani
2019-07-10Add .gitignoreOlivier Mehani
2019-06-13A bit of refactorOlivier Mehani
2019-06-12Basic case working!Olivier Mehani
2019-06-11First pass at implementing RFC6555Olivier Mehani
2019-06-11Duplicate connect_gai, and O_NONBLOCKOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11Add license info for code from getaddrinfo(3)Olivier Mehani
2019-06-11Some more introspectionOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11Add SPDX-License-IdentifierOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11Add MakefileOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11Add timingOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11gai and readOlivier Mehani
2019-06-11Initial importOlivier Mehani