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2014-03-16tweaks to README to clear Bdale's current to-do listBdale Garbee
2014-03-12notes for things left to do before Bdale tags 0.2Bdale Garbee
2014-03-12Update TODO, mark some finished items and refer to the project todo list.Petter Reinholdtsen
2013-06-29Added announce-boot todo.Nick Daly
2013-02-11Indent TODONick Daly
Indent TODO a bit more readably.
2012-12-02Kernel version abstracted.Nick Daly
2012-08-11Checked off a few done TODOs.Nick Daly
2012-08-06Added virtualbox-image TODO.Nick Daly
2012-07-09no longer need local kernel content since all we need will be in Debian wheezyBdale Garbee
2012-07-09mo stuffBdale Garbee
2012-07-06more things to do laterBdale Garbee
2011-11-15update the to-do listBdale Garbee
2011-07-24working process including copying USB stick contents to internal microSDBdale Garbee
2011-07-23simplistic refactoring of multistrap config into base and armel componentsBdale Garbee
documentation update from Michael Dorrington <>
2011-07-22a number of additional cleanups now that we're happily using qemu-user-staticBdale Garbee
create a TODO file listing at least some of the remaining tasks