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2015-01-13reverted change: again point to debian git repofonfon
2015-01-13Updated installation instructionsfonfon
2014-12-06Amend remaining uboot configuration sections.Craig Barnes
2014-12-06Update u-boot for btrfs subvolumeCraig Barnes
Adjust the u-boot configuration text as needed to boot from the btrfs '@' subvolume.
2014-04-16Drop the vmdebootstrap dependencies from the list of depending packages we ↵Petter Reinholdtsen
install manually.
2014-03-30Add vmdebootstrap to all dependencies, remove mercurial.Nick Daly
2014-03-16tweaks to README to clear Bdale's current to-do listBdale Garbee
2014-03-16Added dosfstools dependency to all images. Thanks Markus!Nick Daly
2014-03-14Updated documentation to reflect FBX-Setup changes.Nick Daly
In FBX-Setup, we re-purposed the eth0 and eth1 ports: - eth0 :: DHCP client (connects to router). - eth1 :: DHCP server (connects to end-device). This allows all targeted hardware to connect to the Internet without issue, whether or not they have an eth1 port.
2014-03-13Merged from Bdale.Nick Daly
2014-03-13Lots of README changes:Nick Daly
- Indent code snippets so they format to monospace when exported to HTML. - Completely rewrote "To Make It" section. - Converted all tabs to 4 spaces.
2014-03-12fix typoBdale Garbee
2014-03-12document workaround for FAT partition on USB stick not recognized by u-bootBdale Garbee
2014-03-12more indent fixes in READMEBdale Garbee
2014-03-12fix indenting and location of copy2dream in READMEBdale Garbee
2014-03-10Merge from Nick.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-03-07Added instructions to save DP MAC addresses before flashing.Nick Daly
HUGE thanks to Markus for providing the information I needed to actually figure this whole ridiculous mess out.
2014-02-23Added JTAG connection details.Nick Daly
2013-12-08vmdebootstrap is packaged in Debian nowBdale Garbee
2013-12-08document build-deps in README instead of running apt-get in MakefileBdale Garbee
2013-10-25Specify serial console in boot args. Sometimes required to keep console ↵James Valleroy
running after kernel boots.
2013-06-30Added "Troubleshooting Screen" section.Nick Daly
2013-06-29Added "Errors" section and called it out at relevant points.Nick Daly
2013-03-19Updated naming for make targets.Nick Daly
2012-12-02Tried to make the README more self-evident.Nick Daly
2012-11-18Added unbricking instructions.Nick Daly
2012-11-18Clarified "sf write" command:Nick Daly
Not everybody's acquainted with extended shell syntax, where ${var} means $var means "the value of var". So, provide an example of the expanded command, without any "$".
2012-11-11Indented table to preserve as literal in HTML output.Nick Daly
2012-11-11Updated README:Nick Daly
- Now valid MarkDown. - Added u-boot.kwb metadata table.
2012-09-15Updated firmware flashing instructions.Nick Daly
2012-08-20Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickdaly/master'Bdale Garbee
Conflicts: README
2012-08-20Clarify: dd to the entire device, not a particular partitionNick Daly
That way, it'll be harder for people to muck up the dd step and easier for them to start with a working copy.
2012-08-17Tidy README.Jonas Smedegaard
2012-08-09include dreamplug u-boot binary in FAT partition of USB sticksBdale Garbee
2012-08-09don't need to explicitly load the dtb since it's appended to the kernel imageBdale Garbee
2012-08-08add notes about firmware flashing to READMEBdale Garbee
2012-07-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickdaly/master'Bdale Garbee
Conflicts: .gitignore Makefile multistrap-configs/fbx-base.conf source/etc/init.d/first-run
2012-07-10the dtb is actually quite small, don't take so much space for itBdale Garbee
2012-07-08Corrected the mountpoint creation.Nick Daly
2012-07-07get Dreamplug pre-built kernel package from experimentalBdale Garbee
2012-07-07document device-tree version of boot commandsBdale Garbee
2012-07-07Incorporated Nick Hardiman's microSD card build instructionsNick Daly
Thanks, Nick!
2012-07-06Updated readme to reflect new building methods.Nick Daly
2012-07-04Updated comments.Nick Daly
2012-07-04Updated the documentation, added hacking instructions.Nick Daly
2012-06-23Changed ext3 to ext2 to support both USB and SD targets.Nick Daly
2012-06-18Added two more requirements.Nick Daly
2011-11-02Forgot to update the uboot commands in the end of README.Thiago Jung Bauermann
2011-11-02Change boot instructions to boot using the initrd.Thiago Jung Bauermann
2011-09-29move from squeeze to wheezy, losing the need for backports and gettingBdale Garbee
much fresher versions of things that matter to us