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2015-08-30Make fetch-new-vmdebootstrap a bit more verbose.HEADshtrom-s-mastermasterPetter Reinholdtsen
2015-08-16Use official service instead of http.debian.netDidier Raboud
2015-08-05Remove unneeded DHCP config option to vmdebootstrapSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-07-28Use vmdebootstrap-0.8James Valleroy
2015-07-07Don't fail if there is no epmd to killSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-07-07Remove enabling non-free for CubietruckSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-04-19Make the size of the generated image parametrableOlivier Mehani
2015-04-19Don't enable the nonfree repository for BeagleBone imagesNick White
2015-02-27Merge pull request #14 from bharatak/masterSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-02-27corrected the git url for freedom-maker buildbharatak
2015-02-12Update documentation about the new targetsSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-02-12Add support for building i386/amd64 imagesSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-02-11Disable btrfs for Raspberry PiSunil Mohan Adapa
2015-02-11Fix build failure during date change boundarySunil Mohan Adapa
2015-01-29Enable non-free for cubietruck.James Valleroy
2015-01-29CubieTruck supportpeacekeeper
2015-01-25Merge pull request #10 from vignanl/repo_archiveJames Valleroy
2015-01-25Merge pull request #8 from fonfon/documentationJames Valleroy
2015-01-25Merge pull request #7 from vignanl/source_listJames Valleroy
2015-01-18Ability to set specific components based on targetsVignan Lavu
2015-01-13reverted change: again point to debian git repofonfon
2015-01-13Updated installation instructionsfonfon
2015-01-10Merge pull request #6 from vignanl/virtualbox64James Valleroy
2015-01-10Merge pull request #4 from jvalleroy/masterJames Valleroy
2015-01-10Add ability to set build and image mirrors separatelyVignan Lavu
2015-01-05Ability to build virtualbox images with i386 and amd64 architecturesVignan Lavu
2015-01-04Checkout vmdebootstrap-0.6 tag to that patches won't need to be updated conti...James Valleroy
2015-01-04Update btrfs patch again, so it will apply cleanly to vmdebootstrap-0.6.James Valleroy
2014-12-31Install beaglebone bootloader in front of first partition.James Valleroy
2014-12-31Enable dhcp for all image types.James Valleroy
2014-12-31Update vmdebootstrap patches to be compatible with upstream changes.James Valleroy
2014-12-06Amend remaining uboot configuration sections.Craig Barnes
2014-12-06Update u-boot for btrfs subvolumeCraig Barnes
2014-12-06Merge branch 'master' of Reinholdtsen
2014-11-19Mention in Makefile why taskset is used.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-19fix typoJames Valleroy
2014-11-19For armel targets, pin build process to single core. This is a workaround for...James Valleroy
2014-11-19Add grub only to virtualbox images. Not available on arm.James Valleroy
2014-11-09Use better grub patch from Sunil to fix bug #767913.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-09Avoid debug output.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-09More info on leftover processes in build chroot.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-09Avoid installing eatmydata recommends to reduce disk footprint.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-08Use eatmydata during build to speed up the process.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-08Use patched vmdebootstrap to enable btrfs as the default file system.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-08Add code to kill leftover processes in the chroot before umounting, to work a...Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-11-08Switch to unstable as the Debian suite of choice. We will not make it into J...Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-08-19Merge pull request #44 from jvalleroy/bbb-kernelNick Daly
2014-08-19Merge pull request #45 from jvalleroy/set-tmpdirNick Daly
2014-08-14Add workaround for libpam-tmpdir.Petter Reinholdtsen
2014-08-11Set TMP and TMPDIR.James Valleroy