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Application proposal: print admin compoentnt (webapp + CUPS) for managing printers and scanners.
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+If the user chooses the "print server" option for their freedombox install,
+we add a "print admin" panel in Plynth. You could always print and scan from
+the web interface on the freedombox. No cloud needed. A printer-admin webapp
+in your home.
+Apart from the ideological reasons to own a freedombox, we could have strictly
+"feature" based incentives for people to install freedomboxes in their homes.
+We can think up at least a dozen of good applications for a home server that will
+drive adoption--I am sure. (file server, picture sharing app, music streaming
+server, mail server)
+Why printing?
+A printing component--as I imagine it--would have the following properties:
+ - Be able to automatically find and configure (CUPS scripts?) any printer
+ on the network, or if it is attached as USB.
+ - Print documents (.pdf,.docx,.jpgs,et al) uploaded to it.
+ - Scan documents (web app for contolling scanner because scanning is broken!!)
+ - Store documents (new scans or things in the print queue)
+ - Script all of the above