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authorNick Daly <>2013-11-23 15:28:00 -0600
committerNick Daly <>2013-11-23 15:28:00 -0600
commit7d252860446c894d0a74b8cf99c3b9759a5a4892 (patch)
tree295cfa1cb9be9f279bb55b52f7ebffc7958c964b /bin
parent24df01e3844a1c85de075d31397f246b21cf64bd (diff)
Use the generic kirkwood kernel instead of 3.10-3.
The "linux-image-3.10-3-kirkwood" package doesn't exist in Jessie anymore: it's been replaced with "linux-image-3.11-2-kirkwood." However, rather than manually updating the kernel version every few weeks, let's just use the generic kernel Kirkwood package.
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diff --git a/bin/mk_freedombox_image b/bin/mk_freedombox_image
index d704b9d..1c63830 100755
--- a/bin/mk_freedombox_image
+++ b/bin/mk_freedombox_image
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ base_pkgs="apt base-files ifupdown initramfs-tools \
logrotate module-init-tools netbase rsyslog udev debian-archive-keyring"
# Packages needed on the dreamplug
-dreamplug_pkgs="linux-image-3.10-3-kirkwood u-boot-tools u-boot uboot-mkimage"
+dreamplug_pkgs="linux-image-kirkwood u-boot-tools u-boot uboot-mkimage"
if [ -z "$ARCHITECTURE" ] ; then