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authorNick Daly <>2014-05-10 09:40:53 -0500
committerNick Daly <>2014-05-10 09:40:53 -0500
commit50511f2fe9a5b4416fc94a6b5115163d15cf3be9 (patch)
tree8c789f2a8597542512d1e365dba2943f29448eeb /bin
parent09292f0b50030b38e2046cfbbdec3772809153ae (diff)
Tell vmdebootstrap who should own the built image.
Vmdebootstrap currently leaves all files owned by root. I'm pushing a patch to make the owning user customizable. This way, automated builds will be able to complete without being root for the entire build.
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diff --git a/bin/mk_freedombox_image b/bin/mk_freedombox_image
index 3517cb2..5d0c5a1 100755
--- a/bin/mk_freedombox_image
+++ b/bin/mk_freedombox_image
@@ -118,5 +118,6 @@ sudo -H \
--root-password freedom \
--distribution $SUITE \
+ --user $OWNER \
$extra_opts \