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simplistic refactoring of multistrap config into base and armel components
documentation update from Michael Dorrington <>
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- re-factor the script(s) to allow building for at least Sheeva and Dream
- wrap in another layer (Makefile?) that allows building multiple targets
- fold in use of vmdebootstrap to build x86 image(s)
-- there are a few things we really do want to defer to first boot (or re-do
- then), like creating ssh host keys
+- there are a few things we really do want to defer to first boot, or at least
+ make it trivial to fix up per-system
+ - ssh host keys
+ - root password
- decide what we're going to do about the provided u-boot .. use or replace?
- decide which kernel we actually want to run and incorporate into the build
- work out recommended process for getting from freedom-maker outputs to bits