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Updated documentation to reflect FBX-Setup changes.
In FBX-Setup, we re-purposed the eth0 and eth1 ports: - eth0 :: DHCP client (connects to router). - eth1 :: DHCP server (connects to end-device). This allows all targeted hardware to connect to the Internet without issue, whether or not they have an eth1 port.
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-Congratulations, you're done! To connect to the internet through your
-DreamPlug, plug your computer's Ethernet cord into the *eth0* port, and plug
-*eth1* into your router. The *eth1* port is the outside Ethernet port.
+Congratulations, you're done! To connect your DreamPlug to the Internet, plug
+an Ethernet cord from the box's *eth0* port into your router. The *eth0* port
+is the inner Ethernet port. To connect to the Internet through your DreamPlug,
+plug your computer's Ethernet port into the box's eth1 port. The *eth1* port is
+the outer Ethernet port.
# To Make It