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*** understand what they're going to do before you run them...
+# Recent Firmware Necessary!
+Modern kernels need a relatively recent version of the u-boot firmware. If
+you're still old firmware (including what Global Scale ships on the units by
+default), then you need to update, which requires having the JTAG dongle (to
+gain console serial port access). One way to know you've got old firmware
+is if booting a Linux kernel results in errors about corrupt gzip data and
+a failure to launch the kernel.
+Note that re-flashing firmware will erase all configuration variables. If
+preserving your exising boot config is important, use printenv and make notes
+before proceeding. Also note that any time you're re-flashing boot firmware,
+there is a slight chance you could 'brick' your device leaving it unbootable.
+If that happens, the JTAG interface can be used to recover.
+The instructions for updating firmaware go something like this (thanks to
+Ian Campbell for his notes):
+ Using 2012.04.01-2 which is current Wheezy. Prep by mounting a USB stick.
+ wget
+ dpkg-deb -x u-boot_2012.04.01-2_armel.deb u-boot_2012.04.01-2_armel
+ cp u-boot_2012.04.01-2_armel/usr/lib/u-boot/dreamplug/* /media/usbdisk
+ Move the USB stick to your DreamPlug. Flash the new firmare:
+ usb start
+ fatload usb 2 0x6400000 u-boot.kwb
+ sf probe 0
+ sf erase 0x0 0x80000
+ sf write 0x6400000 0x0 0x${filesize}
+ (You must, of course, fill in the size of the file you're loading in hex)
+At this point, you should be able to reset the DreamPlug and have it boot to
+a serial console prompt. If that fails, you'll need real JTAG magic to try
# To Use It
You'll need to copy the image to the memory card or USB stick: