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2014-12-30Add large icon for appstoreimagesOlivier Mehani
2014-12-30Add framed screenshotOlivier Mehani
2014-12-30Add README, screenshot, boilerplate and commentOlivier Mehani
2014-12-30Workout common areas of all animation stepsOlivier Mehani
2014-12-30Swap 04 and 05Olivier Mehani
2014-12-30Better scale for 03Olivier Mehani
2014-12-30Remove alpha channelsOlivier Mehani
2014-12-30Align imagesOlivier Mehani
2014-12-29Resize images to 144x168, icon to 24x25 and add featured imageOlivier Mehani
2014-12-291-bit images, and iconOlivier Mehani
2014-12-24Import Silly Walks imagesOlivier Mehani