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[2018lca] Meow
Signed-off-by: Olivier Mehani <>
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\subsubsection{Using ``old skool'' Free tools to easily publish API documentation --- Alec Clews}
+ \item Better: use pictures and full code example
+ \item KISS text (most readers may not be native speakers) use clear short
+ sentences
+ \item Keep the doc CURRENT, not fire and forget
+ \item Treat documentation like code
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item fix bugs
+ \item add features
+ \item refactor
+ \item automatic builds
+ \item cross platform support (Makefiles, \ldots)
+ \item don't repeat yourself (don't embed code in documentation)
+ \item everything is text in version-control
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item Markdown
+ \item Pandoc (very cross-platform)
+ \item PlantUML
+ \item M4 macro processor (includes, command executions)
+ \end{itemize}
+ \end{itemize}
\subsection{Open Source and Bioinformatics}
\subsubsection{DIY-Bio: Current trends --- Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow}
+Why would one need access to a bio hacking lab?
+ \item David Ishee: fixing genetic errors in dogs
+ \item Sascha Karberg: dog poo detective (got dogs' DNAs form tennis balls,
+ identified the dog pooing on the street)
+ \item Creating equipment
+ \item ??? Animal-hacking kit (Crisper?) Include human
+ \item Tristan Roberts
+ \item Meow: Opal card; three implants
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item thumb, hand, ???
+ \item trickiest bit: getting the aerial to work
+ \item Opal card dissolved in acetone, then solder on the aerial
+ \item Embed in bio-compatible container
+ \item Going to court of 16 March, first case in cyborg law
+ \end{itemize}
+ \item VivoKey: 2FA key with 1MB of storage (also PGP, apparently; I want one)
+ \item Tim ?: ultrasonic sensor creating a magnetic field for implanted
+ magnets, allowing to “see” obstacles
+ \item Magic: phone taps SMS into morse code to magnets, picked up by implants
+ \item Litmus test: could I already do it with a button? If so, it's not worth an
+ implant
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